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Welcome to Cosmic Infotech

Cosmic Infotech is a leading provider of system integration services in the field of Enterprise Mobility and Automated Data Collection (ADC)

Customized Software Development

Any ADC Printing & Data Capturing device will not work without the customized software associated with it, with the help of which the desired outcome is achieved.


Barcode Printers

Zebra is the worlds largest manufacturer of specialized on-demand printers serving over 90 percent of the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in over 100 countries.


Scanning & Mobility Devices

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility ( is a leading manufacturer of high-performance image-and laser- based data collection hardware, including rugged mobile computers and bar code scanners.


Security Solution-CCTV,Biometric and EAS Gate System

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is considered as the most successful, effective and scalable anti-shoplifting system now.



Our prominence is on providing our clients with complete visibility of the supply chain starting from the manufacturing plant to the warehouse and finally to the Point-of-Sale(POS).We have well positioned ourselves to effectively address the fast growing enterprise mobility market.We believe in developing solutions tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs whether it is Warehouse & Inventory Management, Point of Sale, Work-in-Process Tracking, Shipping & Distribution, Sales Force Automation or others.


Project : Store Management System
Client: Minda  Valeo Security Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chakan Pune
Client :- Minda Valeo Security Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chakan Pune

Raw material required for assembly line production normally first received in the store of the plant.As per requisition raw material has been issued by the store to the assembly line. While issuing tracking & searching of this raw material from the store is very tedious and time consuming job. Also issuing of this material in FIFO order is very important, but manually following this FIFO sequence is not possible.
Cosmic Infotech has successfully developed and implemented Store Management System in the store. This system can directly integrate with the ERP database of the client so that ERP data can be updates directly after each successful transaction.
After receiving the material in the store QC people completed the QC testing of the material. For each material which has passed QC testing , ERP generated unique SRV No. (Store Receiving Voucher).With SRV No Store Managememt Application then generate the barcode sticker. After successful barcode generation the current date and time has been stored in the system against the barcode ID generated. Put Away (Racking) & Pick Away (Issuing) are two basic processes in any store operation.For these processes we have provided Mobile Computers (Hand Held Terminals) with Windows CE 5.0 operating system and Barcode scanning facility. These HHTs are with WiFi connectivity so that Web Application running on HHT can directly integrate with the database on the server.

Put Away Process
In Put Away Process user first select the SRV No against which the material has been received, then scan the barcode on the material enter actual quantity, then scans the rack number and save the details.

Pick Away Process
In Pick away process, users scans the barcode on the material as per requisition slip then HHT application display all material list as per FIFO then user entered quantity needs to be issue and save the details.

Project: Pre Dispatch Inspection (PDI) Scanning for Hydraulic Steering Units
Client : Sauer Danfauss   India Pvt Ltd., Wagholi, Pune
Pre Dispatch Inspection (PDI) Scanning for Hydraulic Steering Units

Client- Sauer Danfauss India Pvt Ltd., Wagholi, Pune

Sauer-Danfoss designs, manufactures and sells a complete range of engineered hydraulic and electronic Steering components. For each Steering Unit there is unique serial number. The Applicatipon provided by Cosmic Infotech prints the unique serial number barcode Sticker through the Zebra printer while production of steering unit. User paste the sticker on the steering unit. The most important objective of this application is to avoid the duplication of the serial number and if this happens by mistake, steering unit with duplicate serial number should not get dispatch at their customer end.

There is a Pre-Dispatch Inspection activity for each Steering Unit before dispatching to the customer. While performing the PDI ,operator scans the barcode sticker on the steering unit After Scanning,scanned serial number gets stored in the application database. If there is a steering unit with duplicate serial number, after scanning application will indicates the user on the screen and activate the hooter with loud noise. So that user can track the steering unit with duplicate serial number.

PDI application also prints the box sticker after completing the PDI of four steering units. After completion of the PDI of complete batch ,scanning application generate the carton Sticker. PDI Application also generates the PDI report having serial number and model details of all steering units scanned with the other information likes Operator Name, Shift, Customer Name, Batch Quantity, Carton Serial No, and PDI done date.

Project: Vendor Barcoding Application
Client : Mahindra & Mahindra –Spare Business Unit, Wadgaon Maval,Pune
Vendor Barcoding Application
Client- Mahindra & Mahindra –Spare Business Unit, Wadgaon Maval,Pune

Mahindra Spare Business (MSB) is a part of After Market Sector and caters to Spare parts requirement of Mahindra Vehicles and tractors in use for repair and maintenance and to provide the customers with the best and genuine spares through capabilities in sourcing, assembling, warehousing and distribution.MSB procured spares parts from Various Mahindra approved Vendors and plants across India and supplies to the market through their channel partners.

Daily hundreds of vendors transport trucks approaches the Spare Business Unit at Wadgaon Maval, Pune hub with the spares. Since operator at gate manually enters all invoice and transportation details into the SAP system, for vendors making gate entry of spares and registering invoice details with Mahindra SAP system is very time consuming.

To avoid manual entry of the invoice details and to speed up the GRN process ,Cosmic Infotech has successfully developed and implemented Vendor Barcoding System at all MSB vendor location .In this system, vendor first needs to upload excel file with all invoice details like invoice no, invoice date ,invoice amount ,invoice quantity etc..and transportation details like Consignment No, Consignment date, Transporter Name, Vehicle No, etc..Vendor then select the invoice no and print the barcode sticker. The system then printed the barcode sticker with 2 dimensional PDF-417 Barcode. PDF-417 two dimensional barcode has the special feature of storing the data in tab sequence. These barcode stickers will paste on the respective invoices so when vendor vehicle reach the gate and submit the invoice for making GRN, operator just need to scan the barcode on the invoice and all invoice details and transportation details will be saved into the respective fields of SAP screen.